26 November 2012

General de Brigade - Lessons in Napoleonics

Last night saw 4 of us playing a small Napoleonic game, The game was put on mainly to introduce Kelly and Tink to the general de brigade rules. For me it was a refresh as I played these rules extensively but have not played many games using the deluxe rules.
We decided to keep terrain to the minimum so as to get the basic mechanics understood. The objective for the French was to capture the Village, the British & Prussians had to hold it.

 Initial deployment With the New French Commander taking a seat ! while the enemy talk tactics and work out how to use what figures Tink bought along.

 Turn 1 sees the French get initiative and the advance begins. The plan was simple Kelly would smash Tinks Prussians and turn onto the village to capture the objective, whilst I would attack Kev and hopefully stop him  assisting Tink.

 Turn 1 was good for me or so I thought. skirmishers advanced, fired (double six) to casualties on battery but as usual failed to hit a brigade commander so no extra casualties.

 Kevs reply was a double 6 - he also faltered a brigade and killed my Brigade Commander.
Things were quite on the other flank with an exchange of skirmish fire but no casualties.

 Turn 2 sees the French advance into a stronger position. and turn 4 sees the french close to get into combat.

Turn 5 The Prussians defend well but the French counter battery fire removes any threat of canister as it destroys the battalion gun. The Landwehr decide to step back knowing a charge will be imminent.

Mean while I decide to mass the lancers ready to smash the British line. The columns press on with the attack on the line.
Turn 6 sees an exchange of musketry and the French assault The Prussians. Kev rolls well as he has been all night and his canister rips through one column. While a 40 figure line rips into another.
The assault on the Prussians goes well and two battalions are routed. Unfortunately Tink has a very bad roll of the dice taking his morale test and the Entire brigade fled the field.
Kelly turns his attentions on the unit in the village, I get brave and charge a 40 figure line with the cavalry.

The result is not good as Kev rolls 11 and rips through both Lancer units causing a retreat and a rout!! Kelly fairs better.
Only two turns later and the table has a different look.

Yep The bloody dice gods got me! I failed my morale and the whole bloody lot went. I learnt two things from this  1) charging line with Cavalry in the new rules is a NO NO  NO!!! it hurts and when your opponent rolls high your cavalry will not charge home. 2) Kev needs new dice far to many 10/11 and 12 results for my liking. 3) I need new dice too many 1/2 and 3's.

The game went on for a couple more turns in which although Kev was moving to support the Village Kelly captured the village.

A good nights fun was had by all.


  1. Says he that rolled a double six on his first roll, oops! so did I , lol.
    Great enjoyable game Andy.

  2. Sounds like a great game, even if the dice gods were not on your side!

    1. It was great Fun, and the dice gods are rarely on my side!


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