28 November 2012

100th post & an Award

I was struggling to think of a way to celebrate my 100th post and rather unexpectedly this afternoon an email arrived to say I has won a Liebster award for my blog . I had been very kindly awarded this by John de Terre-Neuve of wargaming in 28mm and sometimes smaller fame.

This actually means a lot to me as I was awarded this with the following comment  " He has a great site Lokis Great Hall. He is a first rate Viking painter and does a lot of nice terrain work" from a fellow painter with a beautiful Napoleonic collection and one I have a lot of respect for, so Thank you John.

The terms of the award  are simple - if you receive one of these awards you post a link back to the blogger who gave you the award then award to 5 fellow bloggers with less than 200  followers. Then leave a comment on their blog informing them of the award.

So after a lot of thought and deliberation and in no particular order:

1.  Sebastofig over at Back to the minis a great blog and plenty of eye candy also a great sense of humour.

2. Christopher over at Bunker Hill a great blog and an excellent painter. He may have more than 200 followers but I cant see a follower number and I'm Loki so can be naughty :)

3. Kieron over at CheapHammer another great blog dedicated to wargaming. All on a budget 

4. Kev over at Kevs Cabin  a professional painter and a complete Lunatic and dedicated wargamer all periods covered. (he's also  a great friend)

5. Tolcrothlogan over at Mike's wargaming and modelling a pro painter and  blogger who I have had the privilege of meeting at one of our clubs Saga tournaments.

Thats this post over 


  1. Thanks Ray and Fran its really appreciated

  2. Congrats!
    It's nice that John picked you, I was curious to see who I would return the favour, and for all your great Dark Ages things, I say, I am happy it has come to you.

  3. Thank you very much Andrew!! I'm honoured, but I do have too many followers to normally qualify, but I'll use the award as an excuse to give some links back to blogs I really think should have more followers.....Like yours for example.:-)


    1. your welcome and some rules have to be broken :)

  4. Well done, I'll check your recommendations

  5. Congratulations Andrew, and thanks for the award.

  6. Well deserved, congratulations!

  7. Very cool. Well done you.

  8. Congratulations Andrew. There are some nice folks within the gaming community.

    1. Thanks Anne, I agree there are some very warm an generous folks within the community.


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