20 October 2012

More Vikings

I am always happy to paint Vikings and seem to enjoy painting Dark age figures in general. I decided that I needed to thin out my collection a little and recently gathered together a 6 point force and sold it on Ebay. 

I was more than happy with the finished result and the extra few figures and warlord I had to paint for this were worthwhile. Further to this I have actually agreed to accept my first commission painting project, I have always refused to paint on this basis for anyone, as painting is very much a spare time hobby and as a busy father of two rarely do I get time to paint my own lead. However the customer who purchased these wished me to paint some additional Dark age figures and I really had to agree as I always like all my armies to match.

I will therefore be using the blog to keep me on track with the commission over the next few months and it will give me the opportunity to showcase some more Vikings and Saxons.


  1. They are really nice looking figures.

  2. Beautiful painting. Very impressive.
    BTW we have started our DA campaign, first report soon.

  3. Very good painting. The cartoon warlord is cool. Like something from an Asterix comic.


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