21 October 2012

A small find heads to Ebay

Having given most of my spare figures away I was pleasantly surprised on rooting through storage drawers and various hidey holes earlier this week to find more Vikings and Anglo Danes. I have found about 40 figures that are surplus to my needs. Fist up are two rather nice Musketeer miniatures figures, a range of figure I have not painted before but the figures painted up beautifully and are now destined for Ebay tonight.
I was rather happy with the finished look of both of these figures and am tempted to purchase a few more of this range for a different saga force later in the year.
to compliment these I also painted up some standard Viking / Anglo Danish hearthguards also these will be making there way to Ebay this evening as I have more than enough Viking / Anglo Danish hearthguards to cover my gaming needs.


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