7 October 2012

A long absence.

Sorry for the lack of updates my mind has been else where for a few months. I have been battling the evils of quitting smoking, and the method prescribed by the quack left me in a state of complete brain melt. However I have beaten the dark side and a 35 year habit has been broken.

On the painting side I have not done too much either, but have completed a 200 point force for muskets and tomahawks, and also written a set of rules based on muskets and tomahawks for the Zulu war, which has had a little play-testing so far and with a little more refinement I will be able to share with you all.

right that's me for now I hope to be a little more frequent with the updates now.


  1. Awesome job on quitting the evil weed!

  2. Congrats on the smoking front Andrew.Unfortunatly Iam still going after 35 years. Would be interested in your Zulu war work too.

  3. That's great news about giving smoking the flick and it means more money for your gaming budget but most importantly good for your health.

  4. Congratulations on quitting. That can't have been easy, but your body will thank you for it. Stay strong.


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