23 June 2012

Quiet but productive

I have finally served my pennace for the overspending at Triples, and have almost completed the garden landscaping SWMBO set for me thank God its been raining for the last three weeks as its given me time to concentrate on some personal projects.

Im going to split them over several posts in the coming days as there is a fair amount of bits and for different projects.

First up is something that got me in the mess in the first place and that is Empire of the Dead. My original plan was a rule book and one faction, but like most wargamers a final decision came hard and bought two factions. This has a benefit because I can loan a faction out to be used by someone in the club.

The Gentlemans club comes with 8 rather nice sculpts that I have painted and based to be part of a street scene.

I will do some better pictures when I have time as my camera had a flat battery so used my old one for these pictures.

The Vampires are a 6 figure set with two additional bat swarm bases to be honest these were the extras but well worth the trouble I got into.

Next up will be the personal terrain I have been working on. Heres a glimpse of what follows in the next post.


  1. Does EotD work like the likes of Hordes or Malifaux and have stat cards in the boxed sets or can you use any models for the game?

    Looking at those Vampires, I might be able to must a warband from my old WFB army.

    1. Stat cards are not in the box as you are free to use any models, you can download a free pdf from the westwind forum to make the cards needed for each model.
      The faction rules are the important part

  2. These are looking Great Andy.
    Lovely paint job


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