24 June 2012

O Fence

This month has seen me make some large strides into making my own personal terrain. Yes its true after 4 years of making the stuff for a living I finally got around to making some for myself. Spurred on by my grand plans for a few years time and the sheer volume of terrain that will be required.

I will be concentrating on ACW items predominantly then move onto more generic items later.

Now no self respecting wargames table in this period is devoid of fencing, different types and lots of it are required. I started with the plain standard rail fences.
I have made a lot of this style, its time consuming but the end result is worth it. I need to make a few more corner sections before moving onto snake rail fences.

That is 4 T sections, 6 X sections, 16 corner sections, 6 broken sections, 4 gapped sections, 14x 200mm straight sections, 18 gate sections, 20 x 50mm straights and 40 x 100mm straights.

Next up was some log pile defences.

20 x 100mm sections and 20 x 50mm sections this should be plenty for most games as thats equivilent to 10ft in length.

The next lot are still a WIP. I am costructing some earthwork defences at present.

Here's a close up of one I completed before going into full production, again I will be making around 10ft of the stuff with some internal and external bends.

The final item for this post is a section of sunken road.

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