29 June 2012

More Fantasy Madness

This time its the iminent release of the Mantic rules Kings of War, that has caused the latest butterfly effect for me.

I had no issue until Kelly decided to treat me to a box of 10 Mantic Elves to see how these would paint up, I deeply suspect a sub plot somewhere amongst this. I was happily ticking along on the premise of us testing out the rules before hurtling headlong into a new game.

Anyhow I painted a couple of Elves and am quite surprised at the level of detail in such slender figures.

I am pleased with the basic look of the Elves but the shields need a bit more work, the elvish symbol for tree looks ok but the greens are needing something.
Now I can already hear you saying The skeleton is a funny looking Elf and you would be right. Kelly liked the Elves and asked if I would paint him an undead figure for his army for him to replicate. He wanted a theme for them and between us we decided to make them look like Crusaders.

Off to purchase the full Elven army now, just have to sneak it past the wife or I will be back serving hard labour again.


  1. They look great. I am looking forward to tones rules. Should be cool.


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