2 June 2012

Another month rolls by!

A dismal May for me with nothing done at all after the mid May update to speak of.

The wife has been making me suffer for the massive spending sprees and loss of Family time through me attending too many wargames shows recently. The penalty for this has been to re-landscape all 100ft of our back garden and sort out the front of the house and make it tidy and install the drive I have put off for the last 3 years.
Yep I am firmly deep in the shit and likely to be there for a while to come. So far I have dug out a hedge from the front garden and started building the fence to replace it. Lifted 100 or so limestone slabs and began to re-lay them to make a proper path doen the garden. Levelled the rear garden in preparation to turf it and dug 100ft of flower border.

The only other thing I have done was to sort out the clubs woodland issue and created 9 woodland bases boards and re based 30 trees.

I wont be setting a target for June at all as I cant see me acheiving anything in reality. If I manage to do anything it will be a bonus.

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