7 May 2012

Terrain project

I fancied doing something a little different this month and as I have been showing Craig and Kelly how to make some items of terrain, it seemed appropriate to do a project whilst they are working on a few items.

So having recently completed the DAK tanks I wanted to make a nice scenic piece to complement the table I am building shortly. So I decided to make a nice little oasis.
It still needs a few extra finishing touches but I am pleased so far.

Next up I realised I have a dwarf cannon lacking in crew so a raid on my bits box and a bit of sculpting sorted that problem.

Most people know I like painting one off standards so I was more than happy to oblige when Pete asked me to do some sort of Raven banner for his new saga warband.

With my recent initiation into fantasy wargaming I decided that I should make some suitable terrain for those games. Games workshop do some very nice kits at reasonable prices so have bought a Chapel and the Garden of Morr sets as a starting point.

This month will see me mainly working on the latter item, its the larger project with 3 buildings a statue and a rather impressive wall and railing system.
First thing to do is work on the buildings bases.

Although some of the caskets will be inside buidings I have oainted them fully as you will be able to catch a glimpse if you look through the railings in the buildings. The statue and base will be worked at the same time as it will be easier to paint as a whole. The main colour feature of the stone work is for a sandstone look, I prefer it to the often seen greys and believe it will be a nice contrast to the graves etc.


  1. Brilliant work... As per.
    So when are you going to make A warhammer fortress for the campaign ;)... We can get some drive battles going then!


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