15 May 2012

Saga Campaign moves on

The club campaign is moving along nicely, with the last battle from the 2nd turn being fought on Sunday evening.
Turn 2 saw battles in Ireland as the two factions forced marched and fought over the territory in 78.
Jarl Olaf the Hairy beat the odds having to play the escort scenario heavily outnumbered by Jarl Sven Svenson. Olaf secured plenty of victory points on his travels this turn to project him to the top of the leaderboard.
Tyrstan Merfyn of Deheubarth decided that now longshipless he was better to consolidate around his home territory.
Dux Frank Le Unready decided caution was the better part of valour and sneeked along the coast of East Anglia.
Earl Leofric the Grim failed in his attempt to subdue a wild tribe encountered on a forced march.
Duc de Mauvais des Rouleaux consolidated his position in the south.
Jarl Hogni Steffanson took territory 40 after a struggle with some wild tribes.
Jarl Timbandahaf consolidated his northerly territory.
Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster (thats me) consolidated his hold on the western edges of Scotland and expanded towards the Lowlands.
Alexandre de Grieu, decided to hold position (he didnt pm a move)
The main conflict of this round was the attack by Chrysagon de la Creux who attacked Earl Arthur Godwin, for territory 24. Earl Arthur rallied his men and sent a messenger to Earl Stubbo Stormbreaker who came to the Earls aid in battle. The combined defense was strong enough to hold the bold Norman attack in check.


  1. Hi Andrew, has there been anymore action on this? We are looking at doing a campaign of our own and I would like to use some of your ideas if you don't mind.


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