13 May 2012

Morr or less and a change for the club

First up I have completed the oasis, nothing special just a little bit of greenery to enhance the base.

I moved things along nicely with the weekly meet for terrain this week and have done most of the work on the building elements for the Garden of Morr.

the hardest part of this building was getting the weather worn copper roof looking just right, the final look was obtained by painting the roof with a dark green then washing heavily with a brown ink followed by dry brushing 5 various shades of light green.

Again the roof took a bit of work but it was much easier to represent the leaded look.

not much to say about this one, a suitably large statue on a column.

This one was very nice with two types of roofing to work on I choose a slate with bronze look for this.

well that's them all together, now I have the walls and railings to work on.

Over the last couple of months the club I game with has undergone some upheaval, with the owners of our usual PH venue informing us they were locking the doors on the night before our tournament and would not be reopening. This caused a major headache as it was too late to stop the event, we got helped with a venue but it saw a large portion of the members assembling at a stupid Hour on a Sunday morning to move all the clubs belongings.
The committee set about the task of finding a new venue, not quite as easy as we thought this would be, we dismissed using a pub again as the last option we should choose when finding a new home.
As luck would have it we found several options to discuss with the members after a couple of weeks searching. After a fun meeting a fairly unanimous decision was reached and we opted for a community centre that was mentioned to me by Kev. This move means a fundamental change in habit and routine as the venue was not available on our usual Thursday evening slot, but was available at the weekends. So we have altered to play on a Sunday night instead. Tonight is the grand opening night of the re vamped club after a month without being able to play exactly what we all would like to play. Mainly due to my workshop not quite being able to hold all the tables for gaming.
Hopefully now we wont have to move again as the new venue is a stable enviroment and is funded to keep it open.
So for my opening game I am expecting my newly painted DAK to be ripped asunder by Craigs armoured cars. After all there is a law about a freshly painted force always losing its first game I'm told.

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