19 April 2012

Works in progress this month

Recently I have had the attention span of zero, flitting from one project to the next and distracted by anything new.
I started the month with the DAK tanks but as mentioned before, I find these a little boring and if anything I should stick with them if only to complete the project. I wasn't helped here by the fact that I now need to boost the force to 1750 points. The cure for this is a couple more tanks and some air support.
As you can clearly see only two more nearly completed, however with the exception of the 2 extras I need they are all base painted and shaded, just all the detail work and basing to go.

I then got distracted by a purchase I made at Vapnartak back in February and the recent defeat in the blood bowl league made me think I ought to get a head start on next years team. I decided to start on the Dinosaurs that will become my lizard man team. I will be looking for a name for this lot soon.
I'm pleased with the basic colour scheme and only have a small amount to paint for this as I have yet to purchase the remainder of the team, something I will resolve at Salute this weekend.

The biggest distraction came from my wife who came back from a trip to town unexpectedly with a bag of 37 skinks, I blame Kelly for this as he lent me the Lizardmen codex's and my little lad reads them constantly pointing out how he likes this model and that model. She decided that I ought to curry to his wishes and henceforth I have also got a Lizardman army to complete now.

The fun thing is I have been doing some conversion work, having decided to make a unit of 24 in rank and 12 skirmishers from the package it left 1 figure that I could convert to a skink chief. So out came my sundries box and some milliput.

I started to paint the figure before taking pictures but realised quickly and the only bit obscured was the shoulder joint I reconstructed after ensuring the blowpipe was positioned in the mouth.I added feathers and jewellery to the crest, a feather to the shield and some blowpipe dart holders to both legs finishing with a tail amulet.
I went online to find a musician and standard bearer for the skink unit that will be ranked and to my horror found that 2 figures was £7.70 and though F*** that, so I decided to convert a couple of extra figures.
after all here's what £7.70 gets you.
Lizardmen Skink Standard Bearer and Musician 2

I'm sorry its a bit blurred but a simple job really and a lot cheaper than the official figures. A moment of inspiration saw me take a draco standard from my Anglo Danes after cutting of the shaft, and drilling and pinning to a wire I completed the standard then removed the weapon from the lizardmans arm hey presto a standard bearer. The musician was simply a question of creating some form of instrument then I remebered pan pipes are predominant in the South Americas the region of the world this faction is inspired by so from standards shaft I created a set of pipes, then remodelled the arms to get a playing pose and job done. Now all I have to do is paint these up :)


  1. Good update Andrew, might see you Saturday!

    1. I hope to meet you Sir and the thorn in your side that is Ray :)

  2. Why do you need to boost to 1750? I hope it's not for the campaign as the games will be at whatever level the players agree. I'm only taking my Mid-War German Infantry to 1500 for the time being and my Americans won't be that big by November.

    1. because thats the new basic game points tally so may as well do it now or it wont get done at all

  3. £7.70 for two figures??? Are they made from gold??? I much prefer your homemade figures!


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