9 April 2012

Saga Campaign round 1 update

Our two Norman players met on the field of battle Thursday night to give a conclusion to round 1 of this campaign.

Alexandre de Grieu took the honours and managed a victory in the 4pt clash of warlords battle against Dux Frank le Unready, who lived up to his name. Alexandre took a bonus of 8pts from the combat (this is the points difference between victor and loser), de Grieu is now firmly at the top of the leaderboard with a hefty 15pts.

Both the winner and loser of combat got to roll a dice and the result is then emailed to them ready for the next turn.

As umpire I tried to stay completely neutral so the wild tribes are all dice rolled for when encountered (this also stops me forgetting what happens) the combat results tables are also set down firmly so the benefits or negatives are set in stone. The Isle of Man and two other secret locations also follow a seperate results table.

Round 2 looks promising as most players have very close neighbours and this hopefully will result in plenty of combat oppertunities for all.


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