4 April 2012

Saga Campaign opens

Having spent a couple of weeks resurrecting the Saga campaign from the fragments I held after the demise of the PC the club campaign is underway.

Round 1 has seen a few amusing results as some players encountered wild tribes, one tried a very bad assault to capture the Isle of man, but overall its off to a good start.
The campaign turn maps and league table can be found here http://wargamersfc.weebly.com/saga-campaign.html

In summary,
Earl Stubbo Stormbreaker has the early lead seizing two areas of land and winning a triumphant battle with a wild tribe, granting him the bonus of equipping 1 unit of his choice with extra armour when next in the field of battle.
Duc de mauvais des rouleaux, Jarl Timandahaf, Jarl Olaf the hairy, Earl Leofric the Grim, Chrysagon de la Creux, Earl Arthur Godwin and Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster all claimed additional lands without problem.
Alexandre de Grieu and Dux Frankly unready have both encountered a wild tribe and are locked in combat against each other.
Jarl Hogni Steffanson and Jarl Sven Svenson both ran into wild tribes and were stopped on their marches to gain territory.
Trystan Merfyn of Deheubarth perhaps was the unluckiest in turn one whilst trying to capture the Isle of Man for high reward succumbed to the Dice gods and lost the fight and in the ensuing struggle lost a longship costing him 10 victory points.

I will post the full results after the battle taking place this Thursday and open up for turn 2.


  1. Exciting stuff!

    Looking forward to turn 2, out of interest what is the chance of being ambushed by tribesman whilst marching?

    1. I don't think we get to know the odds. Andy just consults his secret tables!

    2. yep I have a secret table (but can be bribed with good Mead ;)

  2. Wow, that looks really neat, I will follow with interest.


  3. Ok, I just found this. It looks amazing. We're just firing up Saga here (late!) and this could be just the thing to fire up interest to a fever pitch! Wonderful and thanks for sharing.


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