22 April 2012

A long Post

First up I was lucky enough to get to Salute yesterday and there was a lot to see and do. I didnt get to do everything I had set out to achieve unfortunately and could not get to meet fellow bloggers Fran and Ray, (something I will rectify on another occasion). This was possibly due to me spending a lot of time at Gripping beast and meeting Alex from studio tomahawk at the saga demo tables and passing away a good amount of time there.
I did get hold of some new shiney toys toy in the form of :

These are exceptionally nice sculpts and being a limited edition set I just had to have them. I know just who will bring out the best in this set, all will be revealed later in this post.

I have always liked the American war of Independance as a period to play and the new skirmish rules from Studios tomahawk were a must for me so I had to ensure I had a copy. I read them through a few times already and will be assembling a force or two for this shortly and will give a review on here.

So what else have I been up to well I have made some progress this week, not in a tank direction but that's life.
I have done the air support for my DAK Panzer's in the form of a nice Zvesda Stuka. I found a nice image for the colour scheme and camo pattern and set about a recreation.

Then I got on with the Dinosaurs I had for the next Bloodbowl Team. Again Salute failed to provide the remainder of the team due to lack of time but I can order them online when I am ready.

This Spinosaurus will be the Kroxigor Figure, he really is a size but fitted nicely to a 30mm base.

Next up is Sucomimous (I think I spelt that right) this will be one of the 6 Saurus I need.

These little fellows whose names I forget will be 3 of the 9 skinks in the team.

Talking of Skinks in my last post I mention converting a figure and Making my own Skink Chief, well here are the end results of the modifications and painting.

The last entry for today was kindly painted by my good friend Kev over at the Cabin. His painting style has really done these justice and the fact that he broke out the green stuff to modify these for me too was a great bonus. All I had to do was base these fellows up now I'm ready for Legends of the Old west.

You can now see who will end up painitng the Skraelings. I could never paint native Indians this good IMHO


  1. Shame we missed each other, but like you said maybe next time. I bought the new Muskets and Tomahawks rules, from what I've seen they're pretty close to the FIW rules I've been writing myself!!! The Indians your pal painted look very nice indeed!!

  2. Wow that saga set sounds cool. Kev has dine a cracking job there also i think your dinos look awesome!

  3. That board in the first few pictures looks ideal for your redskins to raid [insert appropriate town name here after Cranes City was abandoned]. I wonder if the local law enforcement will be able to hold you off?

    Liking the dino's. Are they just for BB or something else? If just BB you could stick a deflated ball in that Spinosaurus' mouth for comic effect!

  4. Those Indians look great!


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