5 April 2012

Its a start

I havent painted many more dwarves as Craig has been painting them for me in exchange for Saga tables and terrain. With Aneurin starting a campaign shortly I have to get some basing completed so have started with some of the larger pieces having finally decided on a basing theme.

Fist up the Gyrocopter.

I dispensed with the clear base and mounted a feature rock on an mdf base. Then drilled and pinned the clear stem through the rocks to ensure stability.

Next up was the Anvil of Doom. I had converted Thorgrim before giving this to Craig as when I received this he had no Hammer so out came the milliput and I made a new Hammer. I carried on with the rocky theme and I like the final effect.



  1. So, from what I've seen...

    Thorgrim, Gyrocopter, Miners, Thunderers, Cannons...

    I'll say this now before we play and it comes off as sour grapes: my Bretonnians don't like you. :(


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