29 April 2012

April comes to a close

So what exactly have I done this month.
At first I thought I had not done much this month, as I had not felt like much had been achieved but on reflection a fair amount of figures have been completed.

I started the month with basing a small amount of dwarves. Pictures already posted.
Then I actually finished a major target for the year being my Vikings for Saga with the finishing of 8 hearthguard, 4 beserkers and the painting and conversion of 12 archers. For a total of 24 figures.

Mid month saw a diversion get in the way of the DAK, with the conversion of 3 skink models and the painting of 5 Dinosaurs.

I also received my very nice Indians from Kev and based those too!

However I got back onto track and ignored any further work on the Lizardmen save painting up the Cheiftain I had converted and set about those damned tanks.

Now originally the target was 1500 pts but this got increased so whilst I was painting tanks I thought I may as well get the extra points completed at the same time. Apart from one diversion Im there. Some of the extra points needed came from the Stuka (already pictured earlier).

That just left me 10 tanks but the expansion took that to 12 tanks.
well im pleased to report they are done and Im just finishing off the basing as can be seen in the image above, now added to the force are 5 panzer III g's, 2 panzer IV f1's and 5 panzer II's. I even squeezed an extra in for more points after all every Dak force should be led by a mighty warrior.

So here's Rommel and 'Grief ' I will post some more pictures once the force is based completely. The only diversion being I have run out of Testors Dullcote and cant dull all the vehicles until I get some more.
Well thats another month drawn to a conclusion. Im not sure what my plans are for the next month I may go freestyle again rather than set a rigid target.


  1. The tanks look very nice, I'm sure Rommel would have been pleased!

  2. Good production over the month and good work as well!

  3. My comments have disappeared again but a good month sir and good work!

    1. I dont know whats happening I have 3 emails of you making comment but as you say they arent shown.

  4. Tanks done!!
    About bloody time, lol
    Lovely work Andy.


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