7 April 2012

2 Targets for the year completed

At long last I have completed the Vikings for Saga.

Its been a struggle to finish with all the distractions but Kieron's desire to get a Flames of war campaign going, along with Aneurin doing a Warhammer and Legends of the Old West thing. I will need to crank up the painting rate.

So I took two days off work this week to get the painting on the Vikings completed. I rarely take time off work to paint but needs must on occasion.

I only intended to do a 12pt force originally but with the playtesting I had done for the Jomsvikings I needed to add to the force to give them some variety.

the full force now is:
1 Warlord ( Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster)
6pts of Hearthguards (24 figures)
2pts of Beserkers (8 figures) I can use these as 1pt of warriors or 2pts of hearthguard for variety.
4pts of Warriors (32 figures)
2pts of levy archers (24 figures)

Thats a total of 14pts to choose from for Vikings or 12 pts for Jomsvikings as no levy are available for them.

Apology's for the poor quality pictures my usual area was unavailable.

Finally the 12 Levy archers, now when I bought these I had 3 packs all the same so had to do some work with milliput and colour schemes to make them look different as can be seen in the pictures below.


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