29 March 2012

Not much but something done

I have been very quiet on here this last month sorting out the pc mess and getting the business back on track. I have thankfully caught up with the outstanding orders and am on track to be fully sorted mid April.

So what have I been up to, well with 28 x 2ft square terrain sections and 10, 4ft x 2ft boards to complete alongside enough bocage and trees to cover an entire 6x4 table without gaps a lot but painting wise very little.

I have started another project, the wargamers butterfly effect took over and instead of Tanks I started painting my tropical uniformed Fallschirmjager. I traded my terrain skills for a box of unwanted lead and set about sorting them out into a useable force. I have sorted 90% of the figures and reckon on being able to have about 1500 points of Fallschirmjager when complete. I just could not resist painting and basing some up though. My starting point was a fairly easy one and I spent an evening painting them and another to base them up.

So here is the HMG platoon and command.


  1. Funny looking native Americans ;)

  2. Nice HMG platoon. Great work. 2 evenings to complete.....crikey! Makes me feel awfully slow.


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