6 February 2012

WFC Saga Campaign Map

I have been fully inspired by the game of Saga, the simplicity of the game to play combined with the tactical use of the battle boards is a breath of fresh air.
Whats better is it is a skirmish style game so with a small number of figures you can get playing fairly quickly, (well if you paint a bit quicker than me anyways).
Our whole club has taken up the mantel and everyone has a warband for at least one faction, many are onto a second and third faction.

My aim was to develop a campaign game for this, using a simple system. I have used some of the scenarios in the book to deal with common events that would occur in plotting movement on the map, and battles etc. In order to maintain some balance I have devised a scoring system that only by playing the campaign through will I be able to see if I got this element right as it was an intention to stop it being to easy to run away with a high score. However I have a couple of points to sort with them as of now.

Original inspiration came from a fellow blogger Dalauppror who kindly sent me a copy of the map he was using, he had however no set rules for a campaign and events in his campaign can be followed by clicking the link to his blog. This meant I needed to set up the campaign rules and allocate lands to the various players. Unfortunately for me I ended up with 12 players and the map was not large enough so I had to think how to expand it. I ended up with a blank UK map and went from there. Now the map was sub divided several times and its final incarnation below has 85 regions for the 12 players to fight over.
I will complete the rules pack later this week, but thankfully the starting map is complete.


  1. The map looks excellent, love the names you've given the leaders!!

  2. This is looking Great Andy.
    I'm surrounded!
    Haha, this is gonna be so much fun.

  3. So is Offa's Dyke gonna limit my passage into England?

    Cant wait to get this going now. Looks great fun with 12 on board!

    1. nothing to inhibit you crossing said Dyke except the other warbands may stand in your way :D

  4. I feel my blood stir when I see a proper campaign map like that. Can't wait to get my teeth into those Saxons!

    Berserker slingshot for the win!

  5. That's quite an epic map and as Ray said......great names!


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