16 February 2012

Saga Tables in Progress (3)

Kelly unfortunately was not able to make Tuesday evening so that left myself and Craig time to move the tables along. I had base coated Craigs board earlier in the day in preparation for his arrival. First we base coated Kellys board ready for the next session, before working on Craigs table.

The first job was to dry brush two additional earth colours over the base coat.
Base coated and dry brushed
The next stage was a healthy application of glue to one half of the board, this is because you have to start the flocking before the glue starts drying.
Whilst Craig glued the second half of the board I started application of the flock I have specially mixed for commission work.
Once the whole board is under glue the flock is applied to the other half. The waiting game begins the flock has to sit on the glue for at least 10 minutes.
Once the flock has been on for 10 minutes the excess is knocked off by turning the board on its side and giving the back a few wallops.
The result is a big smile from Craig, the board has to be left overnight to fully dry then the excess flock is gently brushed off and then sealed to protect the surface.
The final result after sealing, it will get its first game in a fortnight before Craig takes it home. This just leaves us Kelly's table to complete.


  1. Great work!!!! Craig does look pleased!!!
    And yes you've still got the dreaded captcha on your blooooooooooooooog!

  2. Damn nice work and grinning from Craig!

  3. Nice Work it looks great. What did you use to seal the flock on? More Pva?

  4. A clear spray on sealant which works better than Pva


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