10 February 2012

Saga Tables in Progress (2)

Last time we left this project with the framing completed and some minor ground works in place. December and the festivities interrupted the intended schedule and events in January meant that Craig and Kelly were unavailable to assist me. However I needed to make some headway as my workshop is becoming overcrowded with terrain boards. I have 10, 4ft x 2ft boards for a customer and 16, 2ft x 2ft boards for another to complete along with a multitude of other items so I set about getting the tables up to speed.

The first job was to smooth off the ground work areas and then plaster the edging so as to blend back to the table top.
Features smoothed and prepared ready for texturing
Once the plaster was dried plenty of elbow grease was required to smooth the features off and ensure they were smooth and no visible hard edges. In a way I was thankful for the lads absence as I could see if left to their own devices my workshop would have been a right mess letting them sand the tables down :)

A close up of the undulations
The next stage is the application of the texture, I use a sieved sand for this process to eliminate large lumps and stones from the ground work. A liberal application of water/pva glue in a ratio of 25% water to 75% pva is brushed over the entire surface then the sand is applied and left to stand for 10 minutes so the sand is bound together by the glue mixture.
Liberal application of Glue mix
Sand applied over the entire surface

Once this has stood The table is stood on it side and any loose sand falls away. Leaving the textured surface, this needs a few hours to dry before the application of the base paint colour.
Table textured and ready for base coating.
So that is part 2 completed, The Dangerous Bros are due back at the workshop Tuesday evening and will be let loose with paint and some brushes. Im off to purchase some sedatives in preparation ;)


  1. Looking very good, keep up the great work!

  2. These look great Andy.
    I may have to get a couple of these myself.
    I could use them for Saga and with my existing boards, hehe..


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