8 February 2012

Saga Campaign rules released.

Its been an effort and after a few sessions of tinkering I have completed the Saga Campaign rules we will be using for our clubs saga league. I actually got to version 5 before I was fully satisfied they will make a comprehensive system. Click the rule book to go to the rules pack.

I also had to tinker with the campaign map due to the inevitable late arrival. It is now at its final incarnation as it would be impractical to try and add any more territories to the map. The campaign now has 13 entries.


  1. Awesome! I think SAGA will thrive on detailed campaigns, kudos to you sir can't wait to play.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Just downloaded it and will read it soon for inspiration for our club campaign if we ever get there...

  3. Looks great! Wish I lived close enough to participate.


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