20 February 2012

KIlling Captcha

I admit it the most annoying thing about blogging lately is try to read the invariable amounts of ancient texts that the new version of captcha is throwing up. I am NOT repeat NOT F***ing psychic or into ancient languages (short rant) and the rubbish the new system is spewing onto my screen when I try to comment on fellow bloggers sites actually makes me want to give up.

I implore you all to banish this instrument of frustration as soon as you can, after all you can moderate your own comments should the need arise. I was unaware I even had this on my blog until it was pointed out to me by a fellow blogger. Now being of the technically illiterate type I sought help from the blogger help pages in order to remove this blight... If you are thinking of doing so yourself you will find no help and a dead link.

Now the reason I could not find this simple set of instructions that follows was due to me having updated to the new interface and there are no options to disable the damn captcha. So after a spot of Googling I produced the following result.

To disable CAPTCHA with Blogger, switch back to Old Blogger by going to the "Blogger Options" cog icon underneath your photo on the right side of the page. A drop down menu will appear when you click on it. Click on "Old Blog Interface."  Once in the Old Blog Interface, go to "Settings" Tab then under that go to the "Comments" Tab. Scroll down to "Show word verification for comments?" Select "No." Save settings. Go to top of page where it says "Try the updated Blogger interface" and you are set.

Et Voila I am now Captcha free, Please consider disabling your CAPTCHA if at all possible!and make leaving a comment easier for everyone.

After all I got asked to answer this on a friends blog any ideas on the first word????


  1. no idea, cheers for the note on removing it, its well annoying

  2. I think I have disabled these on my blog now. They did get a little annoying.

    As for the word above it is quite ovbious that you haven't rotated your screen to the correct viewing angle... the word is "aisgd"

  3. ?????????? I love captcha I just can't see what all the fuss is about?

  4. I got one the other day that made me think 'oh f*ck this'; whilst I could read it, it just thought whats the point - one of the letters in the regular straight word was in italics compared to the rest whilst the adjacent letter had a speech mark over it like an upside down 'v', something foreign obviously and I wasnt going to bother hunting through the character map to find it! Bloody stupid if you ask me!

    1. Thats exactly how I felt when I got the one above.

  5. For me I just went to my dashboard then > Settings > Comments > Show word verification for comments? = No

    Join the revolution people!


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