22 February 2012

How big is your Stick :)

Sorry if you have dropped in here for some warped sexual thread, you are going to be disappointed.
I have got side tracked from my target this month severely, and all hope of actually hitting my deadline has gone. The entire weekend was spent bed bound with a virus and no painting at all. Last night however I decided to do something a little different.
I went to the COGS show at Newark a couple of weeks ago to pick up a large order of stock, part of that was a small gift for every player in my upcoming Saga campaign at the club. So what has this to do with sticks, well I spotted an opportunity that is Saga Measuring sticks, and lo and behold being able to get them direct meant everyone will have sticks to use in the campaign.
The sticks are perfectly fine as MDF but with 13 sets all the same at the club, how would I be able to spot mine so I set about customising them.

I added some nifty push pin handles (I borrowed the idea from Kev), this makes picking them up a lot easier.
I then colour coded the etched details and added some knot work designs. The set comes with 30 fatigue markers so I did 25 black and white for normal fatigue and 5 in red and white for any units that should end up exhausted.


  1. Oooo shiney gifts are always nice...

    So are you customising everyones ;) A few Welsh dragons should make mine easy toi spot.

  2. They look excellent...nice one!!

  3. They look awesome Andy.
    Loads better than my feeble attempt, lol.
    The push pins make em so much easier to use though.


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