3 February 2012

February Already this months target

My target this month will be smaller than last month simply because I have a lot of terrain orders on hand and with over 100 sections of bocage to cast and ship out I know I will have limited painting time this month.

I have prepared the last of my Vikings so I have 12 Archers and 12 Hearthguard to paint and all 84 figures to base. This will be the warband completed to 12 pts with options too. Whats more I will have completed one of my objectives for the Year. I will also finalise the campaign map for our clubs Saga campaign that I will be running from March, and finalise the rule pack for this. I shall also make further progress on the Saga terrain tables I am making for Craig and Kelly and at least get them to the stage of base painted by the end of the month.

Sunday will see the first off Internet spending trip of the year, my annual pilgrimage to Vapnartak in York. There is nothing like a wargames show to make a fool part with his money. Once again I expect to return with my arms laden with shiny toys and my head full of ideas. However I am going to try and resist the urges, and those of my travelling companions and only purchase what is actually required. My main aim is to purchase the additional figures I need to get my 15mm ACW up to 50 infantry stands per side. I also want to check out Gripping Beast as I want a nice Warlord for my Anglo-Saxons that is a bit different to the norm.

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