28 February 2012

Disaster strikes- end of month round up

This post will be brief due to my Laptop hard drive dying yesterday, all the images are on that drive and its now gone for repair but wont be back for the month end, I shall post pictures etc when it gets back. I have borrowed one of my little ones netbooks to post this.
Target not met I have 12 archers that are almost finished but these will not be completed in time.
On a positive note I exceeded the Saga table target with one finished board and one that now only needs flocking.
I also constructed a couple of special pieces, (photos to follow) as an extra for Craig n Kelly.
I finished the campaign rules and map (although these lay on the dead hard drive so I hope this gets restored)
Finally I have based everything up that was painted in Jan so that met a partial target.
Well thats it for me Im of to console myself and just hope my laptop can be restored to some working order.


  1. Sorry to hear that mate, hope you're up and running with pics soon....

  2. As above, its bad news when a computer dies, its always the day before you backed anything up they they decided to die!


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