15 February 2012

Basing the Hoard (1)

My time has been swallowed up this month so far on everything but painting. I have only finished 1 figure so far, and have another 7 half done, but the 12 archers are a mile off being done. This is a worry as the Campaign starts soon and my back up warband will be leant out to another player. So I have started the basing (normally done at the finish of a project to ensure consistency) because I am in danger of not having the figures ready for use at the club.

So out with the paints, flock tufts and away I go only 65 figures to base in total LOL

Here is the result of a couple hours work today. First up you have seen this figure before, but the base had not been fully finished it is now
Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster
Next up the first 4 Nutters in camp (the rules only allow 1pt of beserkers in a warband) There will be another 4 of these as when I am not using beserkers in my force I can add another 4 figures and use them as an additional unit of warriors.
Finally for today 4 points of Hearthguards, This still leaves me a few more to base, but means I will be able to choose from a selection of 10points for the campaign when all are based.


  1. Great painting!!! Funnily enough I started painting Jarl Snorri Ravenmaster earlier this week!!

    1. he is a great figure to paint, I also picked up Thor and Sigurd but as yet i have not started these.


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