20 January 2012

W.I.P January (5)

On return from tonights game I sat down and completed the last unit of Bondi. Which means I have managed to complete my target for the month. A lot of painting for me in total thats 60 figures completed. This means I can use the rest of the month to do a few things off the agenda that take my fancy.
The first unit of 8 warriors (blue themed shields)

The second unit of 8 warriors (green themed shields)
The third unit of 8 warriors (red themed shields)
The forth unit of warriors (black themed shields)


  1. Very nice indeed. Foundry figures? I particularly like the shields with Sleipnir.

  2. Looking good! Nice with the unit colour schemed shields

  3. Excellent painting and magnificent stuff, sorry it took so long to follow but there's no link to your blog until you commented....

    1. Fran, no problem, Im not to technically minded so dont know how to fix that issue, any ideas?

  4. Very nic painting, +++++ for the shields ! My favorite are the red with the black raven:)

    Best regards dalauppror


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