19 January 2012

W.I.P January (4)

Its been a busy week here. I decided that I would prepare the last of the Vikings ready to paint. To that end I thought you may appreciate a guide on how I string my archers bows. Followed by a set of match reports on my foray into the world of Blood Bowl.
Tools needed, Clippers, Long nosed pliers and thin florists wire
1 prepared miniature (I did spot the extra flash at bottom of bow and removed it)
Wrap three times at the bottom of the bow.

Take the wire to the top pull tight with pliers and wrap three times again.

Cut of the excess and its ready to prime.
I have not completed the Bondi yet, they are almost finished but I have been rather busy playing as a complete Rookie in our clubs Blood bowl league. The lads allowed me a couple of practice games to get a feel for how it played (Much needed as I have never played this game before). The practice games taught me some valuable lessons about the fragility of the Skaven team, and in both practice matches I rarely had 11 players left on the pitch. JP gave me a bit of coaching and thanks to Kieron who gave me links to tactics guides, I entered the League proper on Saturday against Kelly.

Game 1 Saturday
The Stilton Stealers (SKAVEN) V Barrowmans Ball Benders (Girly Wood ELVES)

Score 2-2                        The Stealers inflict 2 casualties. The Benders inflict none.

The first half was a relatively normal game with neither side doing anything very spectacular the scores were tied 1-1. The second Half started badly for the stealers who managed to give a blitz advantage to the Benders on kick off, the elves took full advantage and managed to make a completion and score in the first turn. The luck continued to fail on the restart with the Stealers managing to roll heavy rain on the restart, this led to a complete mudbath for both sides until the end of turn 5 as both side either failed to pick up the ball or they fumbled in blocks. In turn six the stealers had a moment of luck and managed to put both wardancers on their arse at the same time. The Ballbenders were subject to some heavy hitting from a brave gung ho stealer linemen who tried to open a gap. This saw them have a real wobble as the casualty roll was a 68 on the player seeing him DEAD Kelly used his apocathery to re roll and accepted a fractured skull instead.

Still in turn six The Stealers (no10) Humboldt fog managed to pick up the ball and run like the wind and make a successful hand off to (no9) HIPI ITI who legged it deep into the opposition half, seeing and oppertunity Boule de roves (no4) legged it with him to at least try to assist no9.

Turn 7 the ball benders tried to maim as many rats as possible and failed. They did however set 4 players around the stealers no9. with the end of game fast approaching the stealers tried their luck, only one move was possible to allow an equaliser (no3) Blue Rathgore legged it up the pitch to assist (no4) Boule de Roves who managed to pull of a block and get through the Elfs armour, again this saw a result that Kelly did not like a 48 and he used the apocathary the re roll ended with a 61 so he chose the first result the result opened a gap for HIPI ITI to leg in into the end zone for a TD.

The rest of the game saw both sides trying to cause a few more casualties but as with any dice me and Kelly throw nothing goes to plan.

Game 2 Sunday
Rottenham Tight 'Uns (Nurgle)  v Stilton Stealers (Skaven)
Final score 2-2          casualties Rottenham 1  Stealers 0

28,000 rancid fans packed in to the New yuck stadium to see a scintillating game between the Rottenham Tight ‘Uns and the Stilton Stealers and they were not disappointed. Game started with the Stealers winning the toss and deciding to receive.
They then duly fielded the ball and handed it off to one of their dangerous gutter runners. However they were unable to fully shield him for the Tight’Uns strong defence so he was quickly hit twice in the same turn (Frenzied Beastman 2D blocking) but the gutter runner showed some nimble foot work and stayed on his feet. He then showed a good turn of pace to first out run the beast man then move down field and throw the a fellow gutter runner who was able to run in for the first score.

From the following kick off the Tight’Uns showed some ominous strength in moving the ball down the centre of the field over a number of turns knocking over anyone standing in their way to get a late second half equaliser.

Half time 1-1

The second half started as the first had ended with another long hard drive down the middle leading to a second score for the Tight'Uns. This just left two turns for the Stealers to try and grab a thrilling equaliser.

Tellingly the Tight’Uns had failed to inflict more the one casualty on the Stealers so they could set up with still 10 players on the pitch. Straight from the kick off the Stealers went for it, throwing all caution to the wind. However aggressive defence looked to have won the day for the Tight’Uns when the gutter runner holding the ball was knocked flat on his back with the ball being caught by one the Tight’Uns Rotters! However the Stealers were not to be denied and with the last play of the match they managed to knock the rotter to the floor and knock the ball lose, this then lead to a piece of skill almost never seen on the Bloodbowl pitch. The Stealers remaining standing Gutter runner surrounded by 3 Tight’Uns players skipped away from all three (4+dodge, 3+dodge, 2 + dodge) then ran across to the ball picked it up (3+) dodged away from the shambling rotter defender (2+) then ran into the Endzone (one go for it!) an amazing way to end the game!

Game 3 Tuesday

Karak Dur Bruisers (Chaos Dwarves) vs Stilton Stealers
Final score 2-2   Casualties Karak 2 Stealers 0

The Stealers started by receiving the ball and a poor set up by the dwarfs saw them scurry through a hole after caging the ball. The bruisers closed in but to no avail. Even with glaring sunlight causing all catches to be rolled at a minus 1 did not stop the Stealers who managed to dodge and pass to an early lead.

Smarting from the poor play, the Bruisers took the ball and battered their way to an equaliser late in the first half after having knocked down nearly every rat on the field.

The second half saw the Bruisers push again going for a quick score to see if they could capitalise. The Stealers tried their hardest to hold it up but too many dodges saw one player needing to be saved by an Apothocary and another awful dodge saw a Stealers Gutter runner trip on a shoe lace and kill himself, this resulted in the Bruisers score and take the lead.

Playing more defensively, now, the Bruisers covered the gaps they'd previously left but it didn't stop the Stealers from running all three gutter runners deep into the Bruisers half, The Bruisers then proceeded to cage every rat there was that was still standing. But the plucky rats made a brave move and they passed and dodged to an equaliser.

With little time left the Bruisers passed the ball up the field and headed for a third winning touch down. The Stealers, looking at the clock decided to go for a draw and slow down the Bruisers offense and run out the clock. With one chance left the ball carrying hobgoblin tried to hand off to one of the Bull Centaurs but it slipped out of his stubby grasp and effectively ended the game.

For a Rookie player, I am more than happy to accept 3 draws so far there a 6 more games to go. The game is Fast and furious Fun, but damned frustrating when you have a team that can run like the wind but can't punch its way out of a paper bag. I enjoy all the post and pre match preparation, and hopefully I will improve as the season progresses.

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  1. Very nice stringing of the bow!!! Don't know if I could do that!!!


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