10 January 2012

W.I.P January (2)

Another good painting session today meant I could work on some of the details for the Bondi.
So I set about doing all 32 shield designs in one session.
I decided to colour theme the shields for each point of warriors, makes it easy for me to work out on the battlefield, and should ties all the units together.
The reverse of the shields are simply done the centres are deliberately not painted as experience has taught me the glue bonds better when paint is not in the way, the hands also have an un-painted area to aid adhesion.
I also took some time to prepare one of the figures for next months batch of painting. I needed a New standard bearer. So a simple conversion of one Hearthguard figure, drilling a hole in the hand and attaching a long spear.
Obviously this meant I needed to think of a suitable standard to attach to this figure. One of my regular blog readers Ray from Dont throw a 1 does some nice flags and standards, I shamelessly used one of his designs as the inspiration. Having printed the design full sized it enabled me to break out my technical pencil and get drawing the design and start painting. Several hours later this is the result.
I really should not have chosen a design with that many Celtic knots but the end result will be worth it.


  1. Love the shields!!! They're really excellent!! The flag looks excellent too! Glad you find them useful, don't feel awkward using the flag as a template, that's why I put them there, for people to use however they want!!

  2. Cheers Ray, Those Knots drove me bonkers LOL

  3. Wow! Stunning looking banner, and great assembly-line shield production.

  4. GReat shields.
    One question: which colours do you use for the wood colour for the back of your shields?

  5. Dux - the banner is better IRL the gold did not seem to fair well in the picture.

    Seb - I used scorched earth as a base colour then snakebite leather in large lines then small lines of vomit brown on this occasion all Games workshop colours.

  6. Stunning banner ! Good work !

    best regards dalauppror


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