10 January 2012

W.I.P. January (1)

I seem to have hit a rich vein of painting fever since the beginning of January.
Progress is going extremely well so far and I have completed a fair few figures. Apologies in advance for the poor pictures trying to work out using my new camera.

First up the 2 Hearthguards.
The figure with the bow had some fine wire added to make the Bow string.
Next up the 12 Archers.

Again all the Archers have had bow strings added, personally I think it adds something to the figures. Although in Saga archers are classed as peasent levies I wanted to have some armoured figures to enhance the unit.
I always base at the end of a project once all the figures are finished to ensure the entire army matches.


  1. Nice work with great vibrant colors!


  2. They look great, sometime along the way I may look at SAGA

  3. Bowstrings are very impressive! Might have to have a go at that sometime...

  4. Christopher/John Thank you gents

    Matt - tricky at times as I had to file a few bows to create a slot for wrapping the wire around


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