25 January 2012

Saga Hardrada style

Last Thursday saw me playing my favorite game of the moment Saga.
One particular opponent Mal is a nemesis for my Vikings, the last few times I have played Mal he has caused a lot of frustration and claimed the life of my warlord on a few occasions.

Mal is a great opponent that has mastered his Anglo Danish battleboard, often resulting is me expending valuable Saga dice and slamming into a rock. Would tonights game be any different, I hoped so.

A six point game - Clash of Warlords, the table had a simple terrain set up a couple of hills and a long house and a small hut.

Mal's force was a Warlord, 1 unit of 12 thegns (3pts), 1 unit of 4 thegns (1pt) 2 units of 8 ceorls(2pts).
My force - Harald Hardrada (1pt) 12 varangians (3pts) 2 units of 8 bondi (2pts)

The Initial set up
This was going to be tough, Although Hardrada does give me the benefit of higher armour, those damned Dane axes and Mal's use of the Battleboard would mean I needed to hit Hard and first if possible.
Turn 1
I managed to roll great on set up giving me the advantage of setting up to my advantage, but as usual I rolled miserably when it came to getting the first turn. Mal sent a unit of Bondi towards the great hall, but I chose to ignore this threat that I knew would pop up on the flank at some point relying strongly on the ability of the Varangians to dispatch them if and when they arrived. Mal positioned everything else in a solid central block ensuring it would be a real struggle to get to his warlord. My Varagians trudged up the hill for a closer look at the opposing force, whilst my Bondi took full advantage of the flat ground before them forming a solid line.
Turn 2
This sees Mal occupy the great Hall and load the Battle board in preparation for the Viking Charge. I chose to advance the Varangians and a unit of Bondi into a central position to maximise my ability next turn loading my own battleboard with combat dice. I moved the warlord into a more protected position in case of the flank charge.

Turn 3 saw a bit of tactical manouvering on both sides, Mal sent a unit of Thegns to the bottom of the Hill
I moved a unit of bondi Up the hill to block any Flank move and slid the remaining bondi into the gap they had left. Still those Danes hid in the Great hall and I wondered what Mal had Planned for me.
Turn 4 ( that is a unit of 8 figures on the hill 2 kept sliding down TOO MUCH ALE)
I decided it was time to hit and sent a unit of Bondi into the Thegns. This was going to hurt, my armour 4 Bondi reduced to armour three because of the axes, against his armour 5 reduced to 4 because they have no shields. I needed some good old luck to pull this off and How the dice gods smiled on me, the combat result sent three bondi to Valhalla but importantly they had dispatched all 4 Thegns and opened a gap to the  Anglo Dane warlord.
The bondi pick up a fatigue from winning the combat, the other bondi get a fatigue from double moving.
Turn 5
Mal then launches another attack from the great hall a mob of ceorls slam into the Varangians, This saw 3 Varagians sail to Valhalla but had wiped the ceorls out in one attack. With a battle board loaded to his advantage Mal handed over to me.
Opportunity Knocks.
I decided to lanch an attack and try to dispatch the enemy, Mal spends my Fatigue increasing his armour but again a miserable result for him sees the unit of ceorls disappear.
Advantage Vikings
At this point I was confident and could smell the bloodlust having dispatched the Ceorls for no losses it was time to consider my next move.
Time for some blood.
Turn 6
This turn saw a valiant defence from Mal but depspite reducing the Varangians to Half their original number, considerable casualties were taken, allowing me to use the battle board to its best and with so many dice and nothing to throw in the way of the hits the Anglo Dane warlord succummed to his wounds and died honourably on the field of Battle.

Overall a great game with a very worthy opponent.


  1. great looking game looks like lots of fun

  2. Thanks for the report with some great pictures. I enjoyed it.

  3. Very nice AAR!

    Sorry that some pictures got blurred, not easy to take good closeups, I try not to;)

    You have a very impressive Greate hall, looks realy good!

    Best regards dalauppror

    1. Thank you, Its a new camera I'm using and I havent quite got it right yet, I shall try to get them clearer next time regards Loki


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