7 January 2012

New Year Fresh Start

Happy New Year to you all.
Firstly sorry for the lack of updates between the celebrations but I didn't achieve much in December apart from cleaning and preparing some vikings ready to complete the 12 points of Foundry vikings I bought earlier in the year.
The target for January will be to complete the prepared figures.
So ready to paint are:
12 Archers
32 Bondi
2 Hearthguard.
further to this I will be revisiting the 14 hearthguard I painted previously and sorting the shields out properly as I have been staring at them and the metal rims are completely wrong, so i will improve those and add some designs.
This will only leave me 12 archers and 16 hearthguard to complete next month.

Santa delivered me some nice goodies which I shall furnish an update on in the near future.

Thursday saw me play my first game of Blood bowl using the Skaven team kindly loaned to me by Aneurin. As I had never played this game before Craig offered to give me instruction into the fine art of the game. Things did not go well for me due to rolling double 1's at the wrong time usually as I was about to score (I rolled a fair few of them). Also learnt the Chaos dwarves are hard to stop with weak players (lol). I got thrashed 3-0 and conceded defeat, but I did enjoy the game although found it slightly confusing and mildly frustrating at times.

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