8 January 2012

Christmas Goodies

I never ask for much and am always Happy to receive a gift but this year has been great nobody bought me any Hankies or socks. I got many things on my wish list all wargames related.
The three outstanding tanks for my DAK army list (this means I have no excuse not to complete this in theory).

My boys thought it was an excellent idea to buy me some more Orcs for their armies.
An excellent start to my next Saga force of Anglo Saxons (Hmm maybe those tanks may take a little longer)
As the club all play Impetus I got the rules as gifts, as a bonus I also received 3 of the army list books. The only headache is which list to start with likely to be the crusades though. I also received a nice voucher for Games workshop which will be spent on some of the nice buildings they produce.

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