9 November 2011

Upside Downside or Downside Upside

One serious negative aspect to buying secondhand units / figures is not being able to see the figures up close.
The bargain Ebay purchases have a serious negative in relation to speed.
Firstly having painted the test models and got approval from those in control of the colour schemes, I have now got to cut every figure off its base to get them ranked up into useable units. They have just been glued carelessly to the base and as a result I have gaps of 5 and 10 millimeters between the bases. The second downside is none of the figures were cleaned, they all have mouldlines and chunks attached from the sprues (a big no no in my eyes). The biggest drawback though is I also have to disjoint and reposition limbs in order to position the units together in ranks. I am expecting to have to use a lot of pinning as a result of this surgery, to give the figures some durability and strength. In particular the Savage orcs in a running pose as they are not stable once cut from the base.
The major positive of all this extra work though is I saved at least £200 on the cost of buying new figures. So a little extra work to put it all back together and onto the table will be worth it in the end. The second bonus is the Night Goblins only need the mould lines taken off as they do fit together by removing only 6 figures from bases.
The Aracnarok spider is built but the sprues are un touched for the options so that bodes well.
I havent included a picture with this post as a pile of body parts and bases is not insipring at all


  1. A quick picture for a before and after comparison wouldn't hurt.

  2. Sorry, my time is better spent re-constructing, than taking pictures.


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