29 November 2011

Target what Target

Well as posted earlier in the month, I had to concede defeat on my target for the month and have not put a brush to anything from that point forward.
The rest of the month has been spent working slavishly towards my goal of having December off work and I am very much on schedule for that with only one order to complete in the morning.
The only break to this routine was spending an evening with Craig and Kelly two good friends making a start on their new Saga tables (expect some blogging to follow on these as they progress). Also the regular thursday evening at the club, playing a full game of warhammer fantasy and a bit of Saga.
I dont have a definate target for the month ahead, I am having some well earned family time although I will try to get my DAK panzer army up to speed and ready to play in the new year.
I am hopeful that Santa will bring me some usefull items this year because as yet I havent found a game that requires socks or hankies as playing items and they arent that useful for making any terrain with either (I have tried).

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