1 November 2011

Orc kinds of madness

Well having concentrated on Vikings for a fair while these are going to the back burner for now. I spent all month being harrassed by two little boys who's levels of patience are not great and want their army painted and like yesterday.
So on this months menu are Greenskins galore. In fairness I now have so many thanks to a fortunate purchase through Ebay that I cant possibly paint everything in a month so am going to split it into bite sized chunks.
The Army consists of:
  1. 30 spider riders
  2. 20 savage orcs
  3. 20 Black orcs
  4. 40 orcs (although one is minus an arm)
  5. 20 night goblin spearmen
  6. 1 rock lobba
  7. 1 Aracnarok spider.
I need to purchase a couple of characters for this army but have plenty to paint to get it off and running. This month I am going to paint the Savage Orcs and the Night Goblins. This should be a challenging month as I have never painted either type before, predominantely due to me being a historical painter. I also have two supervisors that are fairly insistant on what colours I have to paint their figures being aged 4 and 5 expect the un-expected as I do.

I have painted a sample figure of each type of Orc to the given directions to assist me painting this project.
Savage Orcs
Night Goblin Spearmen
Orc Boyz
Black Orcs

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