13 November 2011

A little night music

I have the Winter is coming UK Saga tournament to attend today. It would have been good if I was well rested for this but alas my body clock always fails me and the innate fear of oversleeping or the alarm failing to go off kicks in. I did manage 3 hours broken sleep but could not lay in bed awake any longer and so at 4 am decided I may as well have a cuppa instead and start the day.
One real benefit of such an early start is I am up before the kids for a change, they are normally the ones to wake us. This means I get a few hours to myself without interruption, but means I also cant make to much noise so perfect for a little quiet music and painting whilst having a couple of cuppas.
This months target is progressing nicely and I will take this opportunity to post an update as the Night Goblin unit is completed. I have not based them as yet as I want to theme all the bases at the end of the painting so the entire army matches.
Meet the Crimson Moon Tribe

 Overall I only had some minor work to carry out on this unit to get it ranked up, a few figures into a better position and a couple of minor alterations on the standard bearer and musician from how they were purchased. The whole unit meets the approval of the boys who these are for. and should make a good opponent for my Dwarves in the future.


  1. This is a personal thing but they are to clean for me. Gobbo's should be skulky and dirty not bright pink! Unless they're going to team up with Dr A's gok wang vampire for some kind of horrible show?

  2. The shields and standard are the only bright elements, and as explained before these are the choice of colours from a 4 and 5 year old perspective, they dont really understand dark and sinister to them this is about fun and I am not going to disappoint them.


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