12 November 2011

Clearing the mess a little

I have made a decision that will probably impact on this months target but something had to give. Tiny is not a word to use for my painting area, its really an old pantry and its not very tidy with a painting area of just 84 cm wide by 60 cm depth. It is a concrete ledge and a few shelves above, housing the electric for the house too. In an effort to improve the appearance as it drives my wife mad when she looks in, and it drives me mad that I cant find anything. I am by nature a little disorganised and untidy and nothing has a proper place in here.
This is the cupboard before work commences not too bad but disorganised so in an effort to tidy it up to aid me better let work commence. The first part of the job is to create a full sized paint rack and make the concrete shelf level as it is very lumpy and cold. For any one that has visited my workshop they will know I have lots of mdf and offcuts of wood, being a hoarder nothing is thrown away until I am sure it has no use at all. This hoarding proved to be a good tactic as I had all the components I needed to complete stage one of this on going project.
After a hard few hours work I now have a new level work surface cut from a sheet of 6 mm mdf, I decided to place a rail at the front to stop things rolling off onto the floor and added a nice section of timber to the front face which will get painted in the future.This now also serves as a handy feature to rest my arm when painting. The biggest bonus is the paint rack at the back that now houses most of my paints. I made this from beech ply and timber batten offcuts giving me a six step rack. All this rack enables me to lay them out so I can see the colour I want at first glance, and I have been able to colour group them for my preferred three step system. I now get a feeling of space in this small area, the area on the right is for my water, brush cleaner, mixing tray, varnish and most importantly my mug of tea. To the left is a nice space for me to place work in progress which until now had to sit on my painting board. The centre of the area houses my painting board an old friend that I had thought of replacing, but I have used this for over 20 years and it is still in good condition, it even bears the scars of my clumsiness. So I decided that although not great to look at too much sentiment to dispose of. The next step will be some decorating of the walls and improving the shelf space above.


  1. Very tidy, but how long will it stay like that! For the walls I'll suggest you use any left over paint from your Vallejo bottle, you always end up squeezing more out than you actually wanted. So it will save you the cost of paint and in around a years time you'll have a nice rainbow coloured room, trouble is it may give you a headache.....

  2. nice idea but may upset the wife if i have rainbow wall. To appease her I have decided to tile part of the walls and paint the rest a neutral tone.


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