7 October 2011

Warband broken in ..

I finally got around to playing Saga last night and had two excellent games with Trev.
The first game we played a six point head to head, My Vikings against Trev's Anglo Danish, The dane axe combined with the battle board abilities make them a lethal combination and a very tough nut to crack.
Viking levies in comparison I found out are almost useless, and in all rounds of shooting I failed to even hit a barn door, but they make a great sacraficial target.
The first game ended when I managed to catch Trevs warlord in the open without any support to take casualties and using his fatigue to increase my armour and another to lower his meant I had enough hits to kill him.

Game two we decided to do a four point game, I choose 1 point of beserkers 2 points of hearthguard and a point of warriors. Trev took 2 points of hearthguard (with Dane axe) 1 point of warriors and a point of levies. Again The hard part was countering the Dane axe (Valhalla does have its uses). The game was very much one of attrition but my hearthguard got the better in this contest and Trev was reduced to a Warlord with only levies left again I attacked his Warlord and as levies cant take the kill shot for the lord i pulled out another lucky victory.
Looking forward to next week as we are going for a four player session of Saga

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