20 October 2011

Warband at the ready

Well that's my target for the month achieved, I have converted, painted and based all the figures needed to complete my 6 point Gripping Beast Viking warband.
The warlord had a small conversion making a cloak with fur trim around out of milliput.
The first point of hearthguards, the second figure was gien a fur trim to the cloak and the standard bearer underwent a little surgery to enable him to hold an axe behind the shield.
The second point of heathguards, all these had to be modelled to have hair as they all had mail face and neck protection. The last model received a fur timmed cloak as an extra.
Third point of hearthguards, nothing major here just the addition of hair instead of mail.
The first unit of warriors, the only extra work on these were the spear conversions, blogged earlier.
The second unit of warriors, only the spears converted here again.
The last point 12 levy archers. A bit of conversion work went into these as the figures only come in 4 identical poses I shall document the changes to these in another post.


  1. Beautiful painting Sir!!! The cloak on the Warlord looks superb, nice one!!!

  2. Well, Loki, your warband looks absolutely stunning. I've this post to my favorites to have a source of inspiration for mine.

  3. I JUST found your blog today and I'll be following and post you up on my blog.

    First, wonderful blog and painting style. I moved up from 15mm to 28mm this year for Saga and this is inspirational. I did my warbands in dark ages palettes but looking at this, I'm going to pitch those next time and go for color. This is the way a warband should look!


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