5 October 2011

Spear modifications

I have had the Gripping Beast vikings many years in fact the figures were bought on the release of WAB shieldwall and at the time they came with lead spears. Now these things really dont stand up to much once they are on the table, and bend badly so I have made use of some wire I have and done a simple conversion to save me buying wire spears.
One bendy lead spear, so how do we fix it on the cheap.
 The tools needed, some wire, a scalpel, a pair of side cutters, superglue gel, a pin drill and the lead spears.

Using the scalpel remove the spear tip.
 Take the pin drill and carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the spear tip.
Now you should have a nice hole ready to insert the new spear shaft. Place a drop of superglue gel into the hole and insert the wire.
Thats it job done all that remains is to cut the new spear to length with the side cutters.

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