6 October 2011

October target update

Things are progressing nicely and having modified all the spears, I have completed the 2 points of warriors.

8 of them still need there proper bases and I am just waiting for the wargames emporium to tell me they have arrived. So I can base them all up.
I have also finished the 12 levy archers, I have done some modifications to these figures as they only come in 4 identical poses, I will make a seperate post on the modifications once the unit is fully based.
I have based up my warlord and am quite pleased with the final result. I have used my own blend of flocks and some very nice Silflor tufts to set it off. I now have the Hearthguard to paint and to base everything up for the end of the month.

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  1. Okay, at some point you and I are going to sit down and you're going to teach me how to paint like that! Lol Kudos sir!


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