31 October 2011

October comes to a close

Having given away the vikings I had previously painted to a friend I had to start over with my 6 point warband. Again its been another busy month here and I met my target as detailed in the previous post. So as not to repeat myself I shall explain the modifications I carried out on a few archers.
The chap on the left is the standard figure,in the middle I added fur trims to the arms (can be seen better from front in the next picture) the one on the right had a nice bit of fur added to the cloak top and bottom.
Again as above on the left is the standard figure.
This set again the left figure is un-modifed the centre figure was modelled to have a sword and scabbard all from milliput. The right most figure the cloak was modelled from milliput again.
Overall I am happy with these simple modifications and they change the appearance of each figure nicely.
As I met my target earlier than expected this enabled me to complete the baggage elements for Saga early so without further ado here are my valued livestock.
Two Highland cows and a couple of Wild Boars I picked up at the Derby show from Irregular miniatures.


  1. Great painting and conversions, love the cloaks!!!

  2. Very nice. I really like the fur trim conversions. I should do a few of those.


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