1 October 2011

Foundry vs Gripping Beast

Ok so I had a dilemma to solve, I have been steadily building my Viking warband and started with Foundry miniatures. But alas did not enough for a full warband, however I have hundreds (well no so many now having equipped a couple of players with figures for their warbands) of Gripping Beast figures so began painting them up to mix in with the Foundry figures.
Therein lies one problem, the range of poses in the Beasts figures is a touch limited so I have spent much time making both major and minor conversions to give some variety. Having prepped most of them for my October target I kept having my eye drawn to the Gripping beast figures amongst my finished units and realised that although very nice figures they really dont fit to well with the Foundry Vikings. The real major drawback is I actually prefer painting the Foundry figures they suit my 28mm painting style better, so I was left with a hard choice to make but decided I needed to split the two manufacturers and treat them as seperate projects.
Now I should have waited a while as I have plenty of Gripping beast figures to complete that Warband but I got drawn to the net and had visit the Foundry web site.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the vikings had a 20% minimum discount and some had 60% off. You guessed it I became a moth to a flame and started filling my shopping basket with a wide range of goodies, even committing the ultimate sin of throwing a few extras in for good measure. In fact so much so that I will have enough figures to make 12 points.
Even better the entire order actually arrived the day after. So what else did I get then.  Well at present I only have 4.5 points of foundry finished, they consist of 1 point of beserkers, and 3.5 points of Hearthguard.

Newly arrived:
  • 4 packs of Archers enough to do 2pts of levies.
  • 1 pack of Huscarls so that will give me 1.5pts of Hearthguard. ( total will be 5 points)
  • 4 packs of Bondi with spears enough for 3 pts.
  • 1 pack of very knarly looking beserker/warlords so I can get 2 pts of them.
  • 3 Warband leaders ( I could not choose one Honest)
  • 2 packs of shields (to make my own fatigue markers)
  • 1 pack of wire spears.
Now I have to be patient and wait to paint all these, as they are not prepared and if I am to stand a chance of making the club tournament then I need to finish what I have already started.

So the October target is to complete the Gripping Beast saga warband.
completed so far :
  • 1 Warlord
  • 2 Huscarl figures (Hearthguard) one of them is the standard bearer. (1/2 pt)
However I did prepare a lot of figures at the end of last month
  • 1 point of levy archers (12 figs)
  • 2 points of Hearthguard (8 figs)
So to complete this target I need to prepare the figures to take me to 6 points, This means 2 points of warriors (16 figs) and 1/2 point of Hearthguard (2 figs) including conversion work. Making a total of 38 figures to be fully completed by the end of the month.


  1. Problems, Problems, but what nice problems to have!!! My Dark age collection has loads of different makes including both Foundry and GB, personally I like to mix the makes, after all we are not all the same size???

  2. Sorry about the name change but felt the blog had evolved away from the period specific title and had a more generic feel.

  3. Foundry I think Andy, No brainer really..


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