9 October 2011

Bloody Big Viking

I got bored during the week and have been suffering with a heavy cold, so needed to cheer myself up. I got lured into the recent foundry purchases and had no option but to have a look at some of the figures in more detail.
I then figured I may as well paint one to break up the painting of the Beast figures. I choose to paint one of my Warlords. Now the only way I can describe this fella is he's a F**king big bastard.

With character figures in particular I like to take my time and make them stand out from the crowd. No problems with this guy at 38mm high he is huge. I started with the undercoating and mounting the figure on the base. I then did the mail armour using vallejo gunmetal over black then highlighted with mithril silver. Next up I touched up the undercoat on the non armour areas I had hit and worked all the flesh areas before starting on the clothing. I decided to add some pattern to the trims in a simple Celtic inspired design.
Next up came the beard and helmet at this point the figure starts to come to life for me.
I decided the pink only diminished the colours and patterns of the tunic so changed that to a darker green, I worked the leather items and then base coated the cloak with desert yellow.
I then worked the cloak up to an off white using thinned washes of desert yellow mixed at differing ratios with bleached bone.
Finally giving a highlight of vallejo off white on the highest points.Next up was to work the fur and Raven perched on the shoulder.
Next up was adding the details, painting the weapons and adding a border to the cloak, Sealing with a coat of Gloss varnish and two matt varnish coats before basing the figure up.
The Final result :

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