3 September 2011

Septembers Target

I recently did a trade with Kelly, which will result in me assisting him in the design and manufacture of a new table for his gaming. In return I got several additions to my Dwarven Army, 2 units of miners, both 14 figures strong with a unit filler to make them 20 figure units. A unit of warriors that i need to add a command set too and carry out some conversion work, 2 grudge throwers although 1 has missing parts and needs some modelling to fix it, 4 characters (two of which I painted as extras last month) an organ gun and two cannon all with crew and The Anvil of Doom.

So this month sees me working on Dwarves, Im going to start on a unit of miners as again this month my time is limited due to the club terrain putting my normal workload about 5 weeks behind.

So here they are at the start of the month.
Im going with a paint theme that will eventually allow me the option of using the units independantly or as a large unit. The bases wont be changed at this stage as I am still designing the style of the final scheme that I will apply to the whole army.

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