8 September 2011

Revised September Target

Thanks to the head start I got at the weekend and me changing how I schedule my workload during the day I have made extra painting time for the month and progress on the miners is good. So i have decided to increase the pressure and up the model count by adding a unit of 22 longbeards to the months target.

Last night I set about getting the basic colours applied to the entire unit, I have chosen a mix of yellow blue and green for these and I will have the unit scheme tied together with a red shield for all.

Having stared at the flame on the miners for a couple of days I decided that I needed to change it something looked wrong but I dont know what. So now I have reversed the colours and it looks easier on the eye to me now.
While working on the Miners and the Longbeards I completed another character figure and here he is.


  1. Looking really really nice! How do you keep the colours so bright?

  2. I am aided as I have a good set up for taking photographs, I also ensure that I de-clutter the backgtound so the focus is on the figures.


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